Lab Alumni

Lab Alumni

Naveen Wijesena Ph.D. 2013

Naveen is currently a postdoc in the Martindale Lab at the Whitney Marine Laboratory.

    Albert Hayward Ph.D. 2014

    Albert got his Ph.D. working on zebrafish neurogenesis with Dr. Isaac Skromne.  He is currently a lecturer in the department and is looking for a postdoc.

      Quais Hassan B.S. Biology and Chemistry. 2013

      Quais is working in a cancer lab at the University of Florida and is applying to M.D./Ph.D. programs.

        Erica Flores M.S. 2013

        Erica returned home to South Carolina after getting a masters degree. She is training to teach high school science.

          Tomoko Shibata, Ph.D Postdoctoral Fellow, 2010-2011

            Shioh Ooka Postdoctoral Fellow, 2010-2012

              Shalika Kumburegama Ph.D. 2009

              Shalika is currently a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Zoology, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.

                Jeff Peng Ph.D. 2012

                  Gabe Walton B.S. Biology, 2009

                    John Dorsey B.S. Biology, B.S. Anthropology, 2009, 2009

                      Sarah Williams B.S. Biochemistry, 2010. Research assistant, 2010-2011

                        Priyanka Chhadva B.S. Immunology and Microbiology, 2011

                          Vincent Venincasa B.S. Biology 2012

                            Lindsey Stavola B.S. Biology, 2011

                              Amy Shaw B.S. Biology, 2012

                                Ashley Taggart B.S. Immunology and Microbiology 2012

                                  Amber Hoang B.S. Biology and Economics, 2012

                                    Cat Walkington B.S. Biology, 2013

                                      Allison Lachance Undergrad (Marine Biology)

                                      Allison is studying the role of the cytoskeleton in regulating the stability of the Dsh protein in the sea urchin egg for her honors thesis.

                                        Regine Francis Undergrad (Biology)

                                        Regine is trying to identify novel markers for polarity in the Nematostella egg. She is spending Fall 2014 doing study abroad in Paris!

                                          Katherine Masih Undergrad (Biology)

                                          Katherine is characterizing the roles of Wnt/PCP components during early development in Nematostella. She is also trying to develop CRISPR based genome modification in this system.

                                            Renuka Tolani Undergrad (Microbiology and Immunology)

                                            Renuka has been working on the APC protein in sea urchins to determine its role in regulating pattern formation along the animal-vegetal axis.

                                              Kayla Yoshida Undergrad (Biology)

                                              Kayla has been using the anti-Dsh antibodies to localize Dsh protein in eggs and embryos of various echinoderm species.

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