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Genetics and Society - BIL 104

...a one-semester tour for the non-science major to the basics of genes, how they work, and how biotechnology affects every day life. Class meets every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:25 - 10:40am in SA 145.

The textbook is Essentials of Genetics by Klug and Cummings.

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Your Instructor this semester will be Dr. Dana Krempels.

You can reach her by phone at (305) 284-3977, but will probably get a faster response via email at dana@miami.edu.

Office hours are from 10:45am - noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and by appointment at a time that's convenient for you. Please send me an email to set up a meeting!

Here's the syllabus for Dr. Dana Krempels' Fall 2002 Genetics Course. This schedule is a rough guide to what we'll be covering this semester, and is subject to constant revision, as circumnstances require and as time permits.





Thursday, August 29


Chapter 1

Tuesday, September 3

The Organization of Life

Chapter 1

Thursday, September 5

A Wee Review of Cells & Their Chemistry

Chapter 2

Tuesday, September 10

Mitosis and Meiosis

Chapter 2 (and a bit of 17)

Thursday, September 12

My Favorite Monk

Chapter 3

Tuesday, September 17

Gene Interactions, Part One

Chapter 4

Thursday, September 19

Gene Interactions, Part Two

Chapter 4

Tuesday, September 24

EXAM I: Covering all material through September 19

Study hard!

Thursday, September 26

Gene Interactions, Part Three

Chapter 4

Tuesday, October 1

Sex and the Single Chromosome

Chapter 5

Thursday, October 3

The Structure of DNA

Chapter 10

Tuesday, October 8

DNA Replication and Synthesis

Chapter 11

Thursday, October 10

The Genetic Code: Transcription

Chapter 12

Tuesday, October 15

Translation: Making Protein

Chapter 13

Thursday, October 17

Transcription & Translation, continued

Chapter 13

Tuesday, October 22

EXAM II: Covering all material from September 26-October 22

study hard again

Thursday, October 24

Genetic Changes: Mutations at the Chromosome Level

Chapter 7

Tuesday, October 29

Gene Expression

Chapter 15

Thursday, October 31

A Special Halloween Treat

It's for the Bats

Tuesday, November 5

Microevolution: Population Genetics

Chapter 22

Thursday, November 7

Genetics and Evolution

Chapter 22

Tuesday, November 12

Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium: Changes in Allele frequencies

Chapter 22

Thursday, November 14

EXAM III - covering material from Lectures 14-19


Tuesday, November 19

The Loss of Biodiversity

video & Chapter 24

Thursday, November 21

Natural Selection and its Genetic Consequences

Chapter 23

Tuesday, November 26

Sociobiology and Quantitative Genetics

Chapter 6

Thursday, November 28



Tuesday, December 3

Biotechnology: Applications and Cautions

Chapter 19

Thursday, December 5

The Genetics of Cancer

Chapter 21

Thursday, December 12

IN SA 145 AT 8:00AM


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