Elementary Botany - BIL 105

This introductory "tour" through basic plant anatomy, physiology, natural history and evolutionary relationships fulfills the natural science requirement for non-science majors in the College of Arts and Sciences. (Biology majors should take BIL 226.)
In addition to lectures and some hands-on experience with plants, students will be able to participate in optional field trips to such beautiful southern Florida attractions as Fairchild Tropical Gardens, Parrot Jungle and Gardens, Fruit and Spice Park and our own John C. Gifford Arboretum.

If you need to contact Dr. Krempels, the quickest, 24-hour way is to send her an email at dana@miami.edu. Her official office hours are Mondays and Wednesdays from 2 - 4 pm in SA 110B, and by appointment at your convenience. Email or call (305) 284-3977 to make an appointment.

Click here to review the LECTURE NOTES. Remember that these outlines are NOT a substitute for attending class. You will not do well in course unless you attend lectures.

During the Fall 2000 semester, class will meet on Mondays, and Wednesdays from 4:00pm - 5:15pm in SA 126 of the Cox Science Building.

Wed, August 23Introduction to Plants: Arboretum TourChapter 1
Mon, August 28Biodiversity: Why plants matter.Chapter 2
Wed, September 30The Marvels of EvolutionChapter 15
Mon, Sept 4LABOR DAY HOLIDAYStay home and smell the flowers
Wed, Sept 6The Cell: Mitosis & MeiosisChapter 3, 12
Mon, Sept 11Plant CellsChapter 3
Wed, Sept 13Plant tissuesChapter 4
Mon, Sept 18Roots & SoilChapter 5
Wed, Sept 20Stems & LeavesChapter 6, 7
Fri, Sept 22EXAM IStudy Hard
Mon, Sept 25Water Movement IChapter 9
Wed, Sept 27Water Movement IIChapter 9
Mon, October 2Light and Energy TransductionsChapter 10
Wed, October 4PhotosynthesisChapter 10
Mon, October 9Respiration & Energy FlowChapter 10
Wed, October 11A Nice Surprise!Chapter 11
Fri, October 13Extra Credit Video, 4pm in SA 145Your lucky day!
Mon, October 16 Biogeochemical CyclesChapter 25
Wed, October 18EXAM IIWoohoo!
Mon, October 23Plant Life Cycles & DevelopmentChapters 11, 12
Wed, October 25Our Friend, the HormoneChapter 11
Mon, October 30Classification: Systema NaturaeChapter 16
Wed, November 1Viruses, Bacteria and ProtistsChapters 17
Mon, November 6ProtistsChapter 18
Wed, November 8The Fungus AmongusChapter 19
Fri, November 10Extra Credit Video, 4pmDon't miss it!
Mon, November 13 EXAM IIIGood luck!
Wed, November 15From Bryophytes to TracheophytesChapter 20, 21
Mon, November 20A Tour and a Lab!Chapter 22
Wed, November 22Sexual Encounters of the Floral Kind a video
Mon, November 27Seed Plants: Gymnosperms and AngiospermsChapter 23
Wed, November 29Plants are Our FriendsChapter 24, 25
Wed, December 13: 5 - 7pmFINAL EXAMSee you there!

The required text is Introductory Plant Biology by Kingsley Stern.
Course grades are based on three midterm exams, each worth 100 points, and one final exam worth 200 points. The final exam will be 50% cumulative, and 50% on the material covered between Exam III and the Final.

Have a primarily productive semester.

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