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Deuterostomia: Enjoy it while it lasts

Like the protostomes, the deuterostomes are

But unlike the protostomes, in deuterostomes

Echinodermata - The Spiny-skinned Animals

What's an echinoderm?

Echinoderm Diversity

Hemichordata - The Acorn Worms

This group is of interest primarily because it has characteristics linking it to both the echinoderms and the chordates. (You are responsible for the information on the first page of the link above.)

  • Echinoderm-like characters:

  • Chordate-like characters:

    The acorn worms are vermiform creatures that spend their lives burrowing through muddy substrate in detritivorous bliss.

    Chordata - The Chordates

    Three subphyla:

    Chordate synapomorphies

    These are present at least during ontogeny, but sometimes are lost in the adult:


    Major taxonomic groups of extant vertebrates:

  • endocrine system

  • sexual reproduction (with a few derived cases of asexual reproduction)