Research Symposium - Betta splendens Behavior

Poster symposia held at most major scientific meetings allow more in-depth discussion of research between researchers and their audience than PowerPoint presentations. Although your team's poster will be set up in the lab where you have been working, you should go to the symposium in the other lab room and view what the teams there have done, too.

Each poster station will have one poster board, measuring 48" x 36", on an easel. Your team should bring its hard copy of the poster and tack it to the assigned board with removable tacks provided.


Similarly, teams are NOT ALLOWED to bring a 4' x 3' poster with the presentation already permanently attached. Such entries will be ineligible for the symposium.

When you come to Behavior Symposium, your team will have approximately 30 minutes to set up its poster on the boards provided.
Your Laboratory Instructor will announce the commencement of the symposium. Since you worked in teams of four, you will take turns tending your poster in pairs. While one pair of the team stands by the poster and fields questions from curious colleagues, the other pair will attend the symposium and be those curious colleagues to other teams.

Each pair of team members will tend the poster for approximately 30 minutes (your Lab Instructor will decide the duration), and then you'll switch, so that all team members can have a chance to attend the symposium and ask questions.


As you read and discuss the posters with your colleagues, take note of the quality of the presentation. When you are finished, you will be asked to complete a

  • Poster Evaluation Form

    for a select number of entries (you may choose which posters to evaluate).

    At the end of the symposium, submit your completed poster evaluation forms to your Laboratory Instructor. The quality of your critique will be part of your grade. Be sure you evaluate critically, as an expert who has done work in the same field as your colleagues.