Welcome to General Botany,
a 14-week Tour of Plant Diversity, Form and Function.

Class meets from 3:35 - 4:50pm every Monday and Wednesday in Cox 126.
Exams and special events are on Fridays at 3:35 - 4:50pm. No regular lectures on Fridays.


  • Fall 2009 Syllabus
  • Fall 2009 Lecture Notes
  • Course Policies: Grading, Make-up Exams and Honor Code

  • Your Instructor this semester will be Dr. Dana Krempels. You can reach me by phone at (305) 284-3977, but will probably get a faster response if you send me an EMAIL.
    Please feel welcome to come to my Office Hours, or make a special appointment at our mutual convenience by sending me an email.

    The required textbook is An Introduction to Plant Biology (4th Edition) by James D. Mauseth

    This following syllabus is a rough guide to what we'll be covering this semester, and is subject to revision, as circumnstances require and as time permits.


    November 2



    Text Readings

    August 26

    Introduction: The Study of Botany

    Chapter 1




    August 31

    Plant Molecules

    Chapter 2

    Sept 2

    Plant Cells: Structure and Growth

    Chapter 3, 4




    September 7

    Labor Day Holiday: No Class today

    have a picnic

    September 9

    Plant Tissues

    Chapter 5




    September 14

    Plant Organs: The Leaf

    Chapter 6

    September 16

    Plant Organs: The Root

    Chapter 7




    September 21

    Plant Organs: The Stem

    Chapter 8

    September 23

    Plant Organs: The Woody Stem

    Chapter 8

    FRIDAY, September 25

    EXAM I

    Good luck!




    September 28

    Life Cycles and Reproduction

    Chapter 9

    September 30

    Energy Metabolism: Photosynthesis

    Chapter 10




    October 5

    Energy Metabolism: Respiration

    Chapter 11

    October 7

    Water Movement and Nutrient Transport

    Chapter 12




    October 12

    Plant Nutrition and Soil

    Chapter 13

    October 14

    Development, Morphogenesis and Hormones

    Chapter 14




    October 19

    Response to the Environment: Tropisms and Circadian Rhythms

    Chapter 15

    October 21

    Genetics and Evolution
    For all taxonomy/classifications, refer to The Tree of Life Web Project, which is more up to date than your text.

    Chapter 16-18

    FRIDAY, October 23


    Study smart.




    October 26

    Systematics and Taxonomy

    Chapter 18

    October 28

    Protists and Other Beasts

    Chapter 19

    FRIDAY, October 30

    Special Extra Credit Halloween Treat
    3:35pm in room 126

    eek eek eek!



    Nonvascular Plants: The Bryophytes

    Chapter 20

    November 4

    Seedless Vascular Plants

    Chapter 21


    November 9

    Seed Plants I: The Gymnosperms

    Chapter 22

    November 11

    Seed Plants II: The Angiosperms

    Chapter 23

    FRIDAY, November 13


    It's your lucky day!



    November 16

    Plant Ecology

    Chapter 26

    November 18

    The Flora and Fauna of Biomes

    Chapter 27




    November 23

    Plants and the Global Environment

    Chapter 27

    November 25

    Catching up!





    November 30

    Buffer Lecture


    December 2

    Trust me, I'm still talking about plants





    Thursday, December 10 FINAL EXAM: 2:00pm in SA 126

    Free at Last!

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