A semester's exploration of Classical Mendelian Genetics, Molecular Genetics and Evolutionary Genetics.

Lectures: 10:30am - 12:15pm, Monday - Thursday
Exams: 10:15am - 12:00noon Fridays

Instructor: Dr. Dana Krempels
Office: Cox 110B
Contact via: email

Office hours are by appointment during the summer,
so please come see me after lecture
or send an email to set up a mutually convenient meeting time.

Text: Introduction to Genetic Analysis, 11th Edition by Griffiths, et al.

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    Tuesday, May 30




    Monday, May 22

    An Introduction to Genetics: From Mendel to Molecules

    Chapters 1, 2

    Tuesday, May 23

    Single-gene Inheritance; Autosomal and Sex-linked Inheritance

    Chapter 2

    Wednesday, May 24

    Independent Assortment and Non-Mendelian Inheritance

    Chapter 3

    Thursday, May 25

    Linkage and Mapping

    Chapter 4

    Friday, May 26

    No class today.

    Enjoy the extra long weekend.

    Monday, May 29

    Memorial Day Holiday - no class today

    Wow, it's a REALLY extra long weekend.

    Genetics of Microbes

    Chapter 5

    Wednesday, May 31

    Gene Interactions

    Chapter 6

    Thursday, June 1

    DNA Structure and Replication

    Chapter 7

    Friday, June 2

    Exam I

    Study smart.

    Monday, June 5

    RNA: Transcription and Transcript Processing

    Chapter 8

    Tuesday, June 6

    Gene Expression: Translation into Protein

    Chapter 9

    Wednesday, June 7


    Chapter 10

    Thursday, June 8

    Control of Gene Expression in Microbes

    Chapter 11

    Friday, June 9


    Careful with the caffeine.

    Monday, June 12

    Control of Gene Expression in Eukaryotes

    Chapter 12

    Tuesday, June 13

    The Genetics of Development

    Chapter 13

    Wednesday, June 14

    Mutations at the Molecular Level

    Chapter 16

    Thursday, June 15

    The Genetics of Cancer

    Chapter 16

    Friday, June 16

    Exam III

    Almost there...

    Monday, June 19

    Mutations at the Chromosome Level

    Chapter 17

    Tuesday, June 20

    Genomes and Transposable Genetic Elements

    Chapters 14, 15

    Wednesday, June 21

    Population Genetics

    Chapter 18

    Thursday, June 22

    Genetics of Evolution

    Chapter 18

    Friday, June 23

    Exam IV

    Keeping up.

    Monday, June 26

    Genetics of Evolution, continued

    Chapter 20

    Tuesday, June 27

    Genetics of Evolution, continued

    Chapter 20

    Wednesday, June 28

    Quantitative Genetics

    Chapter 19

    Thursday, June 29



    Friday, June 30

    EXAM V in Cox 126 at Regular Class Time

    The End.

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