Here is the Student's T Tester Applet.  It performs the student t test on two sets of data to see if there is a significant difference between the means of the two data. This is useful for deciding if some sort of treatment worked compared to the control group. For more information on the test, its uses and the formulas used, consult that non-fiction best-selling biology lab manual Go Figure, by Dana Krempels, Ph. D. [Dept. of Biology, University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL]).

WARNING:  There are many assumptions that must be made when using this statistic to test hypotheses.  Specifically, the data are assumed to be normally distributed, or, if you're going to invoke the central limit theorem, your number of data points should be numerous, say over 35. Also, this test assumes the variance of the two samples is the same but unknown. Please do not use this for important decisions such as launching preemptive nuclear strikes or pulling the plug on old Ed Gruberman in room 307 or even determining cigarettes are really good for you.  I take no responsibility for you growing up to be a bad person.  
Note: to get this to work with the latest version of Java you need to add this website: - to the list of exceptions in your java control panel. This is a huge pain in the neck, I strongly urge you to use the identical perl Student's t tester. Sadly Java's days on the web seem to be numbered.

Your browser does not support Java, or is not Java enabled. This program won't work for you.

You are welcome to copy this applet for your own use.
The source code is available also, in two files and

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