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Last updated on April 12, 2013

Adoptable Rabbits from H.A.R.E.

To arrange a meeting with any of our adoptable bunnies, please email H.A.R.E.,

We always recommend that first-time bunny "parents" adopt a pair, rather than a single. Two can entertain each other while you're away at work. A bonded pair is twice the love, and twice the entertainment!

Da Berz

Kitt and Bear (affectionately known as "Da Berz") were among 45 rabbits found stuffed into three little cages where they had probably been born and lived their entire lives. Still a bit shy, they'd love a place where they can run free and stretch their athletic legs. Once they get to know you, they love to be stroked and petted. Their litterbox habits are excellent, and they are robustly healthy.


This adorable "salt and pepper shaker" pair was found among more than 40 other rabbits all crammed into three small cages. There were dead baby rabbits trampled underfoot, and the poor bunnies barely had room to move. Despite their hard beginning, these two bunnies are sweet, healthy and wonderful. Erik (the white Himalayan) is very gentle and loves to be stroked. Inge (the silky black one) is a bit more shy, but as long as Erik tells her things are okay, she's willing to give humans a chance to love her. Their litterbox habits are very good, and they need a place where they have plenty of room to run.


Extremely sweet and loving, silky soft to the touch, these are two wonderful bunnies. They are strongly bonded to each other, and spend a lot of time grooming and kissing. They love protected outdoor playtime, but are just as happy safe inside where they can run and dance on a floor with good traction. Moki is a black Netherland Dwarf, very smart and very cuddly. Zuma is a dilute harlequin, a beautiful gold and grey. They're sort of a Pinky and the Brain couple, with Moki being the brains of the outfit. It's true love, but they have more to share with the right, loving forever family.


Nikolas and Gwendolyn are a pair of snuggle bunnies who are gentle and very sweet. Nikolas has a bit of a runny eye, but Gwendolyn kisses it clean and dry for him, so it's not a bother any more. They both have good litterbox habits, and need a big place where they can run free and play to their hearts' delight.


Sabine a silky-soft "silver fox" girl who thinks she's a puppy. She loves nothing more than to be cuddled and stroked. When you meet Maximus, you'll understand his name: he's a BIG agouti Flemish giant with a BIG personality. Max and The Bean are a bonded pair who must be adopted together; they are very much in love. But they have love to share with the perfect forever family. If that's you...give us a shout!


Po was a mess when he was found wandering the streets. Covered with fleas and crusted with mange, he was nothing like the magnificent panda-lion you see today! Po is extremely loving and cuddly, and needs a sweet girl bunny companion to be his forever pal. His litterbox habits are very good.

Key Largo Animal Shelter


Found Strays in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties

When H.A.R.E. does not have space for a found foster bunny (which is often, given the number of dumped bunnies in southern Florida), a kindly person will sometimes agree to foster the rabbit until he or she is adopted. The bunnies in this section are such bunnies. All have been spayed or neutered at the expense of their kindly rescuers. If you are interested in adopting, please contact the person in the bunny's "bio" directly.

How Do I Adopt a Bunny from H.A.R.E.?

If you are interested in adopting any of the bunnies being fostered by H.A.R.E., please
email H.A.R.E. for the quickest reply. If you really want to get things moving right away, please download and complete our ADOPTION QUESTIONNAIRE, (required for all potential adoptions) and email it back to us.

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