MEDIA COVERAGE of Feeley et al.
Interview of Ken Feeley by Mongabay.com

Televison interview of Ken Feeley on Comcast's series on Florida Newsmakers (broadcast on CNN Headline News): Here

Will climate chnage imperil your cup of Starbucks
November 2013, National Geographic Online

Hiking Through Peru Showed One Journalist The True Dangers Of Climate Change
November 2013, The Business Insider

Just 227 tree species dominate Amazon landscape
November 2013, BBC News
This artcle discusses the Science paper "Hyperdominance in the Amazonian tree flora" on which Feeley is a co-author

Researchers find 16,000 tree species in the Amazon
November 2013, FIU News

Amazon’s vast rainforest dominated by few tree species
November 2013, Mongabay.com

Bananas on the Move
September 2013, Conservation Magazine, Journal Watch

Rain Forest Plants Race to Outrun Global Warming
September 2013, National Geographic Online

Tropical Scientists Fear Climate Change Will Cause Loss of Species in Amazon Rainforest
September 2013, NPR- WFDD

Biologists Studying Climate Change in Peru Discover Trees on the Move
September 2013, NPR- WFDD

A Look at Global Warming from Atop the Peruvian Andes
September 2013, NPR- WFDD

How Is Climate Change Affecting Tropical Forests?
August 2013, NPR - WUNC

In Peru, the Politics of Climate Change
August 2013, Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

Will Amazon species lose the climate change race?
February 2013. Mongabay.com

FIU hosts international conference on biogeography
January 2013, FIU News

Is the Amazon Rainforest Drying Out?
December 2012. Scientific American

At edge of Peruvian Andes, tracking impacts of warming
September 2012. Yale e360

Biologist offers insight into future of the Amazon
June 2012. FIU News and Phys.org

South American Shifts
January 2012. Conservation Magazine, Journal Watch

Going bananas for Yonanas (featuring Brian Machovina)
January 2012, FIU News

Forest Forces
May 2011. Conservation Magazine, Journal Watch

Missing Pieces
February 2011. Conservation Magazine, Journal Watch

Not enough data on world's tropical plants to predict impact of warming world
February 2011. Mongabay.com

Climate change's impact on forests being measured via expanding tree trunks.
February 2010.  The Washington Post

Location, Location, Location: Region, not range size, dictates the extinction risk of Amazon plants
July 2009. Conservation Magazine, Journal Watch

Prognosis for Biodiversity in the Amazon Improves
July 2009. The Green Grok (Duke NSOE)

Extinction risk for Amazonian plants may be lower than previously estimated
July 2009. Mongabay.com

Saving the Forest for the Trees
January 2009. National Wildlife Magazine

Ecosystems Unraveling: Pull predators out of the mix, and a once lush green world turns into an ecological shop of horrors.
January 2008. Conservation Magazine Buy the book

Wake Forest research connects to global climate change conference in Bali
December 2007. Wake Forest Magazine

CO2: Don't count on the trees
October 2007. New Scientist

Slow-growth Forests: Climate change may stunt rather than spur tree growth
September 2007. Conservation Magazine, Journal Watch

Sinking Carbon-Sink Hopes?
September 2007. Harvard Magazine

Rising temperatures "will stunt rainforest growth": Plants suffering in the heat could make global warming worse.
August 2007. Nature Magazine, Naturenews

Tropical Forest Slows Down
June 2007. Science Magazine, Editor's Choice

Warming may not spark tree growth
April 2007. Harvard Gazette

Higher temperatures slow tropical tree growth, global warming mitigation
April 2007. Mongabay.com

Green and pleasant trials
March 2006. Nature Magaize

'Fowl-howl' Connection Discovered on Venezuelan Islands
August 2002. Duke University news release

Islands on the Brink
January 2002. Duke Magazine


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