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1. muscovy duck
2. blue-winged teal
3. Canada goose
4. red-breasted merganser
5. mallard
6. bufflehead
7. brant
muscovy ducklings
muscovy ducklings
muscovy ducklings
muscovy duck, University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida, 2008.  Even though muscovy ducks can be pests along the canals, the ducklings still are as cute as any other duckling, so I had to take some pictures of them.
canada goose
Canada goose, Idaho Falls, ID, USA
brants (Branta bernicla), Bahia Falsa, near San Quintin, Baja California, MEX
blue winged teals
blue wing teals and american coots
Top: blue-winged teal (Anas discors), Crandon Park, Key Biscayne, FL, USA. Bottom: teals and American coots feeding in the shallow marshes. Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, FL, USA.

mallard pair
I like how the color of the male mallard's head changes with the angle of the light hitting the feathers. This is the same male but his head appears blue in the top picture and green in the bottom picture.
male mallard dabbling
mallard hen
As can be seen from the above two pictures, mallards are an example of sexual dimorphism, which is typical of duck species.  Sexual dimorphism is where the male and female are a different color, shape, or size.
mallards, Santa Barbara, California, 2008.  I was taking pictures of different shorebirds when I saw this pair of mallards.  At first I did not consider taking pictures of the mallards because they're so common, but then I remembered that I still did not have any pictures of mallards. of course, they then became the most birds in the group.
blue winging teals
blue-winged teals, Crandon Park, Key Biscayne, Florida, USA, 2008.  I am not sure if the white color he is on the top of the head and back of the head of the male is normal. I've never seen so much white other than the white stripe in front of the eye.
blue winged teal
blue-winged teal, Flamingo, Everglades, FL, USA, 2007.
red-breasted merganser

Red-breasted mergansers (Merganser serrator), Key Biscayne, Miami. FL, USA

bufflehead (Bucephala albeola), Spanish Landing Park, San Diego, CA, USA.

muscovy duck
feral muscovy duck (Cairina moschata), University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL, USA.