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Species photographed
1. pygmy nuthatch
2. red-whiskered bulbul
3. European starling
 4. blue and white swallow
 5. gray-breasted martin

blue and white swallow
blue and white swallow or andorinha, Avaré, São Paulo, Brazil, 2008.
pygmy nuthatch
pygmy nuthatch, Cortez, CO, USA, 2007.

red-whiskered bulbul, Kendall, FL, USA, 2008.  During a hurricane, red-whiskered bulbuls from a breeder in Kendall. They established small but stable population in Kendall, but they have never spread into any other part of the city or to other cities. 
gray-breasted martin
gray-breasted martine, Taboquinhas, Bahia, Brazil, 2008.
Upon arriving in Taboquinhas to go white water rafting, I had about 5 minutes to take pictures, but rain destroyed any ambitions to wander out in pursuit of animals. I did, however, take this picture from the door.
red-whiskered bulbul, Kendall, FL, USA, 2008.
European starling, Santa Barbara, CA, 2008.
They appear to have spots because the tips of each feather has a light dot on them. By early spring, these dots wear off as the tips of the feathers become tattered, leaving a blacker and shinier-looking bird. I always thought that the blacker bird was the nicer one, but it turns out to be the more worn plummage.
While the Isoscapes 2008 conference, I was taking a walk and saw these 2 starlings. I knew that I had never taken a picture starlings because they are not what I would call my favorite bird. I have come to dispise them, but I figure that I at least need one picture of them.