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Warblers and others

Species photographed:
 1. palm warbler
 2. yellow-rumped warbler
 3. black and white warbler
 4. blackpoll warbler
 5. American redstart
 6. northern waterthrush
 7. common yellowthroat
 8. banaquit
palm warbler
palm warbler
palm warbler, Bahia Honda, Florida Keys, 2009.
These individuals are getting their breeding/summer plumage before they return north to their breeding season.  Palm warblers are the most common warblers in Miami and the Keys. They can be seen everywhere, in the city and in the natural areas.
palm warbler
palm warbler

Palm warbler (Dendroica palmarum), Lox-a-hatchee Wildlife Refuge, FL, USA. It was molting into its summer plumage before migrating north.


blackpoll warbler

Blackpoll warbler. Top: Markham Park, Weston, FL, USA; Bottom: male, Bahia Honda, Florida Everglades, FL, USA. 2007.


yellow rumped warbler

Yellow-rumped warbler (Dendroica coronata) in winter plumage, Lox-a-hatchee Wildlife Refuge, FL, USA


This banaquit tried to make a nest in the grass-woven light cover. I do not know what he was thinking because the nest would get quite hot at night. It only came during the day to build the nest, so it probably never realized this major problem.
banaquit, Itacaré, Bahia, Brazil, 2008.

This little pest stayed around the breakfast table, and the waiters at the bed and breakfast had to keep on their toes to keep him away from the fruit. Several times it successfully ate papaya.
yellow-rumped warbler, Cortez, CO, USA
american restart

American redstart male top and female bottom, Bahia Honda, Florida Everglades, FL, USA. 2007.  Many songbirds and shorebirds were feasting on the hordes of insects and arthropods that lived in the dead sea grass washed up on the beach.


norten waterthrush

Northern waterthrush, Bahia Honda, Florida Everglades, FL, USA. 2007.



Common yellowthroat male top and female bottom, Bahia Honda, Florida Everglades, FL, USA. 2007.