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Sparrows (Emberizidae), Finches (Fringillidae) and Cardinals (Cardinalidae)

Species photographed:
 1. Brewers sparrow
 2. white-crowned sparrow
 3. chipping sparrow
 4. Lawrence's Goldfinch
 5. house finch
 6. black-throated sparrow
 7. lark bunting
 8. savannah sparrow
 9. dark-eyed junco
10. northern cardinal
11. house sparrow
12. pine siskin
13. lesser goldfinch
14. saffron finch
15. rufous-collared sparrow
16. California towhee
17. rufous-sided towhee
female rufous-sided towhee
male rufous-sided towhee
rufous-sided towhee, Archbold Biological Station, 2009.
I have seen all of the towhees, but I have only photographed 2 species so far.
   - female on top and male on bottom.
northern cardinal at Archbold
female northern cardinal
northern cardinal, Archbold Biological Station, 2009.
I cannot seem to get closer to cardinals than this. As much as I try, I have to be satisfied with long-distant photos.
saffron finch
saffron finch, Itacaré, Bahia, Brazil, 2008.
Brewer's & savannah sparrow
Brewer's & savannah sparrow
Brewer's sparrow
lawrences goldfinches & Brewer's sparrows
lawrences goldfinch
lawrences goldfinch white crowned & Brewer's sparrows
lawrences goldfinch Brewer's sparrows
Lawrence's goldfinches, Brewer's, white-crowned, and black-throated sparrows and a male house finch at a small puddle formed from a leak in a stock tank. They were all waiting in the bushes and on the fence around the edge of the puddle for the ice to melt, so that they could drink. The weather was so cold that the ice was barely melting in the early afternoon. Cold weather is not that common in southern Arizona, but it seems to always be freezing when I visit our ranch in the winter. Graham county, Arizona, 2008.
house finch Brewer's & black throated sparrow
Brewer's and black-throated sparrows and a male house finch, Graham county, Arizona, 2008.
white crowned sparrow
white-crowned sparrows, Graham county, Arizona, 2008.

dark-eyed junco, Cortez, CO, USA.

white crown sparrow
white-crowned sparrow, Lake Brainard, CO, USA, 2007.

chipping sparrow
chipping sparrow, Lake Brainard, CO, USA, 2007.

white crowned sparrow

White-crowned sparrow (Zonotrichia leucophrys), southern California, USA.  I love sparrow.  They are easily my favorite group of birds.  I especially like looking for them in southern Arizona, where I could see several species in one day.  I did not consider a birding trip successful unless I saw at least 5 species of sparrow.  I could see song sparrows and Lincoln sparrows in a marshy habitat along a river, then see rufous-winged, sage and black-throated sparrows in arid deserts surrounding the river.  If there is any grassland around such as in southeastern Arizona grasshopper, savannah, lark, Brewers, Boterri's, Cassin's, Baird's, and vespers sparrows are possible.  Brushy habitat brings rufous-crowned and white-crowned sparrows.  In all there is a possibility of 15 species of sparrows.  


savannah sparrow
Savannah sparrow, Bahia Falsa near San Quintin, Baja California, Mexico.
dark eyed junco

Dark-eyed junco (Junco hyernalis), Niwot Ridge, CO, USA.

chipping sparrow

Chipping sparrow (Spizella passerina), Niwot Ridge (Rocky Mountains), CO, USA

California towhee in Santa Barbara
California towhee, Santa Barbara, California, 2008.
The California and canyon towhee species used to to be one species: the brown towhee, but both differences in geographic ranges and phyllogenetic data put these two groups into separate species.
rufous collared sparrow
rufous collared sparrow
rufous-collared sparrow, Avaré, São Paulo, 2008.
Even though this species is quite common in small cities and suburbs, I was happy to get a picture of it because I love sparrows.
lesser goldfinch (green-backed race), Santa Barbara, CA, USA, 2008. This is one of my favorite birds because it was always fun to see in AZ where it was common but not abundant. This male let me get close as it sung.
black throated sparrow
black throated sparrow
black throated sparrow & Brewer's sparrows
Top 2 pictures: black-crowned sparrow
Bottom picture: black-throated sparrow in the middle, Brewer's sparrows on each side of the black-throated sparrow, and white-crowned sparrows in the bottom right hand corner
Graham County, Arizona, USA, 2008.

lark bunting
lark bunting in winter plummage Arizonas
lark bunting in winter plummage Arizona
There were large flocks of lark buntings wintering on our ranch in southeastern Arizona (Graham County), 2008.

brewers sparrow
brewers sparrow
brewers sparrow
Brewer's sparrows, Graham county, Arizona, 2008.

savannah sparrow
savannah sparrow, Graham county, Arizona, 2008. There was a vesper sparrow close to this one, but while I was struggling to remove my lens cap quickly it flew away. I was so disappointed because it was very close and showed prominantly the white ring and rust-red shoulder. Oh well, maybe next time I am in Arizona, I'll get a photo.

chipping sparrow
Brewer's sparrows and a female Lawrence's goldfinch waiting to drink at a puddle,Graham county, Arizona, 2008.

chipping sparrow in winter plummage
Brewer's sparrows, Graham county, Arizona, 2008.

savannah & brewers sparrow
Brewer's and savannah sparrows, Graham county, Arizona, 2008.

pine siskin, Cortez, CO, USA, 2007.

northern cardinal

Northern cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis). Top: male, Archbold Biological Station, Highlands County, FL, USA.  Bottom: male, Long Pine Key, Everglades, FL, USA


house sparrow
House sparrow (Passer domesticus), Robert is Here Store near the Everglades, FL, USA