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*******I am not updating this website any more, but I regularly add more photos to my flickr page.*********

 1. brown pelican
 2. double-crested cormorant
 3. anhinga
 4. Brandt's cormorant
brown pelican fishing
brown pelican diving
brown pelican plunging in water after fish
brown pelican, Bahia Honda, Florida Keys, USA, 2009.
This is a sequence of a juvenile brown pelican fishing. It first flew overhead until it began to glide when it found fish. After 1-2 seconds of gliding, it awkwardly dropped into the water. Its dive lacked the aerobatics of a falcon, the gracefulness of a hovering tern, and the elegance of a swift on the wing. However, clumsy-looking the strategy was it worked. 
brandts cormorant
Brandt's cormorants, San Diego, CA, USA, 2009.
Frustratingly I was not able to get good photos of any Brandts cormorants, though I made attempts on 3 different occasions and saw 100's of cormorants.
brown pelican
brown pelican San diego, california
brown pelicans, La Jolla, CA, USA, 2009.
anhinga drying wings
ahinga, (top) Fairchild Botanical Garden, Miami, FL, 2008 and (bottom) Everglades, FL, USA, 2008. After swimming in the water in pursuit of fish, anhingas like these two male anhingas sit in the sun to dry off their feathers (bottom) and preening by taking oil from the gland on the top of the tail then applying to their feathers (top).
brown pelican
brown pelican

Brown pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis), Key West, FL, USA.

brown pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis), San Quintin, Baja California, MEX
brown pelican diving
brown pelican fishing for food
brown pelican, Bahia Honda, Florida Keys, 2009.
More clumsy dives.
brandts cormorants san diego
Brandt's cormorants, San Diego (La Jolla), CA, USA, 2009.
This is a night perch for double-crested and Brandt's cormorants and some gulls. During the day only a few cormorants were still on the cliffs.
brown pelican yawning
brown pelican yawning
brown pelican
group of brown pelicans
brown pelicans, Santa Barbara, CA, USA, 2008. (Top 3 photos)
double crested cormorant
double-crested cormorant (Phalacrocorax auritus), University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL, USA.

female anhinga
male anhinga

Anhinga female top and male bottom (Anhinga anhinga), Everglades, FL, USA

male anhinga
Anhinga male (Anhinga anhinga) at Loxahatchee Wildlife Refuge in southern Florida, USA.