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Rafting adventures in Brazil

I truly enjoyed a rafting in Itacaré, Bahia, Brazil. However, it was a very touristy thing to do and I am not fond of doing tourist activities.  I decide to go because Patricia really wanted to go. At the end the trip I was so glad to have gone just to see the beautiful area, but the rafting was very fun, too. Our guide was very experienced, laid back, and enjoyable.  He and his company Rafting Nativos provided an excellent rafting experience.
tropical rapids
rafting Brazil Bahia
rafting rapids
rafting rapids
rafting Brazil
These pictures of the boat going between two narrow walls of Boulder was picturesque.  Unfortunately, I did not have my camera with me so I could not take pictures of how the walls looked as we cruised between them. The water was rough enough in the narrows that at first we bounced off of the walls like a ping-pong ball.
fighting rapids
taking the rapids
I was surprised that there were rafting and rapids in Brazil because it seems to be a more mountainous type activity. However, we arrived in Taboquinhas (near Itacaré), Bahia, Brazil to see this large river with rapids.
Confronting the rapids
rafting Bahia Brazil
Most of the rapids were not very severe, but they were strong enough to knock us out of our seat a few times and knocked us out of the boat on one occasion. One set of rapids was a class six, which is the most difficult class there. He never takes tourists on that set of rapids because it is so dangerous.  He once went down the rapids and the injuries sustained kept him out of commission for six months.
Brazilian rapids
cliff jumping Brazil
We stopped at one point in the narrows to jump off some cliffs.  The cliffs were 5, 7, and 12 m high. This is a picture of our guide diving off of the 7m high cliff. I was the only one to jump off of all three of them.
rafting Brazil