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  1. spotted eagle ray
  2. spotted tilapia
  3. bonefish
  4. great baracuda
 5. needlefish
  6. ballyhoo
  7. jack Crevalle
  8. mangrove snapper
  9. bonefish
 10. largemotuh bass
 11. butterfly peacock bass
 15.  lane snapper
 16. blue striped grunt
 17. blue runner jack
These are two pictures of some species of striped fish that lives in the canals near the University of Miami.

spot grunt
lane snapper (Lutjanus synagris)
front of bluerunner
bluerunner jack  (Caranx crysos)
eagle ray
eagle ray
Spotted eagle ray, Bahia Honda, Florida Keys, USA. Two Eagle rays were swimming close to shore in the channel underneath the old bridge.  I snorkeled around there in an attempt to find them but with no success. Interestingly they can be quite dangerous under freakish situations.  This same weekend that we were in Bahia Honda, a lady was killed by an eagle ray.  As she sat on her boat, an eagle ray jumped out of the water, hit her, then stung her.  The force of the hit knocked her down and she hit her head on the boat.  No one knows if the force of being hit by an eagle ray and then hitting the bottom of the boat killed her or if it was the sting.
french striped grunt
blue striped grunt (Haemulon sciurus)
spotted tilapia
spotted tilapia (Tilapia mariae) guarding a nest.  The bright yellow eggs are glued to a sunken log. The female will guard the eggs and the fry until they are larger. 
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