*******I am not updating this website any more, but I regularly add more photos to my flickr page.*********
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 1. olive flycatcher
 2. gray kingbird
 3. great kiskadee
 4. masked water-tyrants
 5. common tody-flycatcher
 6. black phoebe
great kiskadee
great kiskadee on beach
great kiskadee, Avaré,  São Paulo, Brazil, 2008 (top).
This one was perched overlooking the rocks on the edge of a small secluded beach. Itacaré, Bahia, Brazil, 2008 (bottom).
masked water-tyrant
masked water-tyrant
masked water-tyrant, Itacaré, Bahia, Brazil, 2008.

olive flycatcher, mountains near Cortez, CO, 2007.

gray kingbird
gray kingbird, Guanica Nationa Forest, Puerto Rico, 2007.
black phoebe
black phoebe, San Diego, CA, 2009.
This is one of my favorite species of birds. When I was younger, I loved to see them in the backyard on perches, looking for food.
common tody-flycatcher
common tody-flycatcher
common tody flycatcher
common tody flycatcher
common tody flycatcher
common tody-flycatcher, Avaré, São Paulo, 2008.

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