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More gulls and terns
adult Laughing gulls
laughing gull, Bahia Honda, Florida Keys, 2009.

It took me 2 1/2 years to finally photograph an adult laughing gull. I have several pictures of laughing gulls in winter plumage but not a single individual in summer plumage. Of all the birds I made a goal to photograph, an adult laughing gull was at the top of the list. While camping at Bahia Honda, I received my chance.
laughing gull
This individual is still molting.

laughing gull
This is the typical laughing gull that I photograph: an individual in winter plumage. Note the lack of a coal gray head and the black beak, .gray breast and flanks and back of the head, and the brown-gray covert feathers. This is 1st year in winter plumage. 
laughing gulls
calling Laughing Gulls
Someone moved close to the gulls and got them excited. They lifted their heads up like this and cried out for a few seconds.
group of laughing gulls
head shot laughing gull
Now that I finally took a picture of laughing gulls, I feel that I was not let down. They are rather beautiful bird.