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 *******I am not updating this website any more, but I regularly add more photos to my flickr page.*********


I decided to post some of my trips in a travelogue way.  This way I can show friends and family where I have been and the pictures I took without having to email everyone a bunch of stuff. 

Rafting in Brazil - On my honeymoon I went rafting in Itacaré, Bahia, Brazil.  It turned out to be a lot of fun, though I had to spend it with several other tourists.  We went down a beautiful tropical river with a lot of beautiful scenery and a local village of fishermen and farmers. In all it was a blast for both of us .

Urban Hike - I have a keen interest in urban ecosystem ecology. As part of that I like to see what is living in the city.  Since I live in Miami, the presence of exotic animals is an interesting component of urban ecosystems in Miami. 

Florida Keys

Baja California

Everglades - Here are some photos of the place that I have taken while down there doing field work. Most of the photos of animals are in the photos sections.

Cypress swamps - Cypress plant communities are the some of the most beautiful plant communities in Florida. They are teaming with wildlife and plants.  Here are some landscape photos.

Fairchild Botanical Garden

Remote control boats  - Photos of a remote control boat competition in Miami.

Colorado Rockies  - Mountains on and near Niwot Ridge

        Flowers and Herbs - I found so many beautiful flowers and herbaceous plants growing the Rockies.

Sunrises and Sunsets



Arizona - during my last trip to Arizona, I took a few pictures of the southeast and southwest parts of the state. I will definitely get more and better pictures next time.