This is my photo page where I have a chance to show some of my photos.  Also I have written photologues of some of the trips and places I have been.  I only like to take pictures of animals and plants, so all my photo pages have a nature or horse racing theme. Here is a complete list of all the species of animals and plants that I have photographed.  

yellow flower

Grebes Storks, ibises, herons, egrets Ducks & geese
Pelicans & Cormorants Procellariformes Loons
Birds of Prey Rails & Cranes Sandpipers & plovers
Gulls & terns Grouse & quail Doves & pigeons
Parrots Goatsuckers Woodpeckers
Warblers Sparrows & cardinals Crows & others
Blackbirds Misc passiformes Flycatchers
unknown species Toucans, Araçari Tanagers and others
Hummingbirds Cuckoos Horneros



I have this page to give current news relevant to me, horses, or anything else that I think is important. Check it for updates.



I decided to present either travels, places, or other descriptions in both text and photos.    


pink flower