Research interests
My broad research interest is animal communication. My current research focuses on the ecology and evolution of acoustic communication, particularly of different bird song modes, such as broadcast and soft songs.

I am using behavioral observations and playback tests in the field to study the social function of different song modes. Also, I am conducting sound propagation experiments to investigate signal design. Finally, I am using a comparative approach to investigate the effect of different ecological factors on the evolution of acoustic traits.

ResearchGate profile and Google Scholar

Syllable modes in Turdus assimilis

Natural sounds from Costa Rica
I am also interested in creating multimedia educational materials directed to a broader non-scientific audience to promote conservation. Osa Sounds is a collection of natural sounds from the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica, a region well known for its great biodiversity. The Osa Sounds collection is available for educational, scientific and recreational purposes. Contact for more information.

Soundscapes of the Osa Peninsula, CD album (2011)