Sarah's Pantanal photo gallery
more to be added at a later date!!

The Pantanal landscape is altered considerably by seasonal changes in water level...

looking toward bridge on Fazenda Ipiranga,
dry season (July 1999)
same shot, wet season 
(March 2000)

A few of many charismatic wildlife species commonly seen in the Pantanal...

jabiru stork (tuiuiú)
hyacinth macaw (arara azul)

spectacled caiman (jacaré)

capybara (capivara)

A few more landscape shots, showing the variety in habitat...

flooded grassland in front of Pousada Piuval
(July 1998)

tree savannah, Pousada Paraíso
(July 1998)

edge of tree island ("capão"),
Transpantaneira (July 1998)