Following are some photos of the five wonderful people
who busted their butts for my project in the field in Brazil
and who kept me going when it got rough.

Thanks you guys!!!!!!!!

1999: Shannon Chestnut, Queens University

Shannon fishing on Baía Piuval
Is that the Wicked Witch of the West???
No, it's dear Shannon on her bike, 
with Azulão, everyone's favorite hyacinth macaw!!!
Sarah & Shannon, tryin' to stay warm!


2000: John Harting, University of Illinois, and Lindsey Sterling, Western Montana College

John & Lindsey, ready for the field, in high style...
...and returning from the field, 
totally soaked and still smiling!!
Sarah, John, & Lindsey 
and the trusty field car


2001: Claire Varian, Bowdoin College, and Kristen Strohm, Wesleyan University

Kristen & Claire 
with a pair of mist net captures 
(oops!  Those aren't Muscovies... they're Brazilian ducks, Amazonetta brasiliensis).
Claire & Kristen celebrating Carnaval 
in Poconé with a caipirinha, 
the Brazilian national drink!!
Kristen, Sarah, & Claire in 
Chapada dos Guimarães
(finally, a weekend off!) ...just before a beautiful sunset from Cidade de Pedras