How to emphasize your message

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2. Layout in column format

This format lets your audience read the entire poster
as they proceed from left to right.

    Smooth traffic patterns

    Avoid gridlock

If the poster is organized in columns, viewers can read all of a column before they move to the next column.

Readers tend to read from up to down, a phenomenon that Hess and Liegel call "reader gravity."

If the poster is organized in rows, viewers must fight their way back to the beginning once they finish the first row.


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examine positive series in order:
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or compare corresponding examples:
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1. negative
1. positive

2. negative
2. positive

7. negative
7. positive

8. negative
8. positive

3. negative
3. positive

4. negative
4. positive

9. negative
9. positive

10. negative
10. positive

5. negative
5. positive

6. negative
6. positive

11. negative
11. positive

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