How to emphasize your message.

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4. Use visual grammar.

Use a graphic hierarchy that visually reflects the relative importance of elements

    Show, don’t tell

    If its important, make it BIG

Avoid a publication-style format, like a journal article, that supplies every detail.

Use simple figures and graphs.

Make all graphic elements large enough so that the important information is easily visible 4 feet away.

Graphics should dominate the poster visually.

Use type size proportional to importance:

largest type: title

next largest type: section headings

medium type: supporting material

smallest type, 14-18 points: details

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examine positive series in order:
next: page 5 of positive examples

or compare corresponding examples:
negative example, page 4

1. negative
1. positive

2. negative
2. positive

7. negative
7. positive

8. negative
8. positive

3. negative
3. positive

4. negative
4. positive

9. negative
9. positive

10. negative
10. positive

5. negative
5. positive

6. negative
6. positive

11. negative
11. positive

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