How to obscure your message.

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4. Emphasize text, not graphics.

Use a publication-style format.

    Tell, don’t show:


A publication-style format, like a journal article, supplies every detail.

Use 8x10 paper with 12 point text,
and avoid headings, just like a manuscript. With luck, few people will have time to read such fine print.

Be sure your figures are also publication-size. And--the more complex the figures, the better! Group all your figures together on a single page-sized section

Better yet, simply staple up your manuscript, to indicate how close you are to publication.

If you don’t have a manuscript, use graphics-- but then use graphics only; and don’t explain them. Staple up a few random figures, with legends or (or even better) without legends.

Let people make up their own version of your work


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examine negative series in order:
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10. negative
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6. negative
6. positive

11. negative
11. positive

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