How to obscure your message.

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8. Make text hard to read.

If the text is impenetrable,
many viewers will just go away.

    Start with tiny text

    Then, go beyond just tiny

Only text that lacks intrinsic content--like “results”--should be readable from 3 feet away.

Most text should be 10 points.

Small text has an added advantage: most senior researchers, who undoubtedly need reading glasses, will be unable to read your work.

    Make lines of text so long that the readers lose their place when trying to find the next line.

Use a non-standard typeface. Center all type--or be bold: use only right-adjusted type.

USE ONLY UPPER CASE LETTERS. On the internet, writing in all capitals is considered to be rude and shouting-- and you do want to assert yourself, don’t you?

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