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a crossword puzzle study guide to Gilbert's Developmental Biology, 5th edition

© Kathryn Tosney
Professor of Biology
The University of Michigan

Puzzle 3B

Blank puzzle #3B




    1 ten_ _ _in is a molecule resembling fibronectin, but it stimulates attachment in some cells and detachment in others

    4 _ _ _ciclin is an immunoglobulin superfamily CAM first found in insects where it aids axon outgrowth

    6 collagen constitutes nearly ___ the body protein (amount)

    10 cytoplasmic protein that binds to integrins and to actin microfilaments

    11 "_ _ ny" is an adjective that could describe the number of binding sites on laminin

    12 a greeting

    13 insert E for black, O for tiny, U to hang out

    14 dirt

    15 ___ lamina is a loose portion of the epithelial basal lamina that is secreted by mesenchymal cells

    16 dispersal is a morphogenetic process in which an epithelium breaks ___ to form mesenchyme cells (preposition)

    17 a proteoglycan has many disaccharides attached to a _o_e protein

    18 pr_ _eoglycans are types of proteins with much more sugar than protein

    19 a p_ _acrine signal is a diffusible signal that comes from adjacent cells, rather than through the blood

    20 knock out, abbrev

    21 mode of cell communication involving specific recognition between the surfaces of adjacent cells

    24 an endocrine signal would travel through the blo_ _

    26 _ _D is the sequence in the laminin A chain that will bind an integrin receptor

    27 disaccharides attach to a _or_ protein to make up a proteoglycan chain

    29 a _ _talloproteinase is a secreted or cell surface enzyme that can selectively degrade extracellular matrix

    31 the bas_ _ lamina is a type of extracellular matrix that forms a tight layer on one surface of epithelial cells

    32 y_ _ and me

    33 tenascin often inhibi_ _ cell adhesion rather than stimulating adhesion

    34 dwarfism birth defect due to disruption in the RTK-Ras signaling pathway

    38 a blas_e_a is a dedifferentiated mass of cells that forms at the tip of a regenerating salamander limb and develops to form appropriate distal tissues

    39 the immunogoblu_ _ _ superfamily of CAMs is a class of cell adhesion molecules whose cell-binding domains resemble those of antibody molecules

    41 medical doctor who is a generalist, abbrev

    42 repeating disaccharide ("glycan") that has an amino group, abbrev

    46 an affirmative

    48 near, archaic

    49 a G protein that, when activated by a ligand-bound receptor, is catalyzed from its normally inactive GDP-binding state, to form an active GTP-binding protein that transmits the signal

    50 honest ____

    53 activating the inosit_ _ phosphate signal transduction path drastically changes cell physiology by releasing calcium ions from the endoplasmic reticulum

    54 glycosaminoglycans can retain and present _r_wth factors to cellular receptors

    55 CAMs are _ _ _ _ _ _globulin superfamily class of cell adhesion molecules whose cell-binding domains resemble those of antibody molecules

    57 extracellular matrix forms a ___ (mesh) of insoluble molecules outside cells

    59 midwest state that also comes in a Northern form

    60 _e_l_ne; to lay down; _e_e_ve; to get

    62 during dispersal, epithelial cells will ___ their connections with one another and become single cells

    66 the other one, personal

    67 molecular components of the cytoskeleton that bind talin and alpha-actinin

    68 an _ _ _ _ _rine signal is released by cells into the blood, where it is available for any cell that has a receptor to it

    69 _ _ _inin is a substrate adhesion molecule made of three peptide chains that can bind to collagen, glycosaminoglycans and cells

    2 what some migrating cells will do if fibronectin is removed

    3 _ _ _herins are a class of cell adhesion molecules whose cell-adhesive properties depend on calcium ions

    4 _ _ _ _ _nectin is a large glycoprotein dimer with multiple binding sites that can link cells to collagen and proteoglycans, and link extracellular matrix elements to one another

    5 a differentiation _ _tigen is a membrane component typical of particular tissues or stages, recognizable by antisera

    6 alp_ _ ac_inin is a cytoplasmic protein that binds to integrins and to actin microfilaments

    7 g_ _ _ _n is another term for a disaccharide

    8 type of collagen specific for basal lamina

    9 junction molecules in the plasma membrane form ___ connections; they provide mechanical strength in epithelia

    11 _ _ _ _ _ _ _proteinases can be secreted or linked to the cell surface

    13 family of kinases that activate STAT transcription factors

    14 _ _ _strate adhesion molecules molecules bind cells to their extracellular matrices, including cell surface receptors and matrix components

    15 decay

    17 send a copy to, abbrev

    22 amount of signal a ligand will induce when excess mutant receptor is present

    23 utensil, implement

    25 integrins have ___ functions, since they bind both outside and inside the cell (number of roles)

    26 during dispe_ _ _l an epithelium converts to a mesenchyme

    27 complex proteins inside the cell that anchor cadherins

    28 extracellular matrix (abbrev)

    29 _ _ _ _ _ _genesis is the creation of multicellular arrangements to make tissues and organs

    30 collag_ _ is a major structural support for most animal organs

    31 if cells lacked the ability to _dhe_e to one another, we would all be single-celled organisms

    33 size of a gap junction connection between cells

    35 metalloproteinases can selectively ___ extracellular matrix

    36 integrins s_ _n (cross) the plasma membrane and therefore integrate extracellular and intracellular scaffolds

    37 yes, foreign

    40 important to binding of cadherins but not of CAMs

    41 to a_ _re_a_e is the ability of randomly mixed cells to sort out and clump together

    43 double a 4.0

    44 graduate student instructor, abbrev

    45 proteins involved in cell-cell adhesions, uniting cells into epithelia or mesenchymal aggregates and assuring separation of different cells and tissues, abbrev

    47 add an N and get a long time

    51 source of further growth and development, particularly in plants

    52 _ _docrine signal is a blood-borne diffusible molecule that can initiate a reaction

    56 in signal transduction, binding of a ligand to a receptor can cause the cytoplasmic domain of the receptor to be phosph_ _ _ _lated

    58 delamination is a morphogenetic process in which cells _ _ _ape from an epithelium and form mesenchyme

    61 the basal lamina will _ _ _t (cover) the basal surface of epithelia

    62 complex molecular border surrounding eukaryotic cells, composed of a fluid lipid _ _layer containing proteins that interact with the outer and inner environments

    63 nurse

    64 plural ending for more than one basal lamina

    65 insert an E to know