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a crossword puzzle study guide to Gilbert's Developmental Biology, 5th edition

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Professor of Biology
The University of Michigan

Puzzle 4B

Blank puzzle #4B




    1 the female _ _ _nucleus is the egg nucleus, once it is haploid

    4 ___ responses are changes in egg metabolism that depend upon an increase in intracellular pH late:

    8 the _ _rotein receptor is important to calcium release in contraction of muscle and activation of gamete metabolism tyrosine

    11 directly from the Greek word meaning transparent, as in zona ___

    13 beam

    15 Egyptian sun god

    17 the zy_ _te nucleus results from the fusion of the male and female pronucleus

    18 sperm chromatin is _ _ _ _ensed due to proteins that hold the DNA in an inactive stage

    19 when the _ _ _meric G protein dissociates into individual subunits, they can activate phospholipase C enzymes that catalyze hydrolysis of PIP2 into two second messengers, IP3 and DAG

    21 a ___ is a member of a family of acrosomeal proteins that mediate species-species recognition between sea urchin sperm and eggs

    25 lays eggs

    26 ___ responses to fertilization are changes in egg metabolism that depend on calcium increase

    27 on l_ _e response to fertilization is dramatic cytoplasmic movements

    28 the ___ apparatus forms the acrosomal vescicle during sperm maturation

    32 classic drama of Japan

    33 the ___ (anagram) crescent marks the site where gastrulation will begin later in development

    35 _ _ -3 is inisotal 1,4,5- triphosphate, a second messenger in the receptor tyrosine kinase cascade, able to open calcium ion channels (CHECK THIS ONE)

    37 mouse ___

    39 the ___ vesicle is a structure in sperm derived from the Golgi apparatus that contains enzymes to lyse the outer egg surface

    42 the c_ _tr_ole produces the long flagellum of the sperm; after fertilization, it acts as a microtubule organizing center

    43 _ _ _ivation of egg metabolism is one vital aspect of fertilization

    44 one _ _te response to fertilization is activation of DNA and RNA synthesis

    45 prefix derived from the Greek "akron", tip, as in the structure at the tip of sperm

    48 synonym for flagellum

    51 Kentucky

    52 the portion of the acro_ _ _e membrane that lies directly below the sperm cell membrane will fuse with the cell membrane to release the conents of the acrosomal vesicle

    54 _ _ _t: vent, release, give off

    55 "_ _ _equivalence of mammalian pronuclei" is the concept that genomes from sperm and from egg are functionally different

    57 male title

    58 the hydatidiform _ _le is a human tumor resembling placental tissue

    59 fusion of the female and male pronuclei form the zygote ___

    62 ___ molecules assemble to produce microfilaments and extend the acrosomal process outward

    64 many types of eggs have a jel_y c_at outside their vitelline envelope, a glycoprotein meshwork that plays many roles, such as attracing or activating sperm.

    66 the _ _tilline envelope closely covers the plasma membrane in the unfertilized egg, but is released from it by the cortical granule reaction

    67 preposition

    69 expression of surprise

    70 _ _ _form: egg shaped

    71 the "_ _ _ _tes" are the sperm and egg; the word is derived from the Greek "gamein", to marry

    73 left, right, abbrev.

    74 nominative plural of I

    75 portion of a sperm that contains the centriole and mitochondria

    76 terminate

    1 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _genesis; derived from the Greek "Parthenos", virgin, and genesis, to create

    2 out of print, abbrev

    3 type of actin that will assemble to form microfilaments and protrude the acrosomal processes

    4 a type of plywood, or anagram for moon synonym

    5 _ _tivation of egg metabolism depends on increases in both calcium and pH

    6 the cen_r_ole organizes microtubules

    7 male given name

    9 the male _ _ _nucleus is the sperm nucleus, once it has entered the egg cytoplasm and decondensed

    10 an _ _ _ __ _ _ _form mole arises when the entire genome in a fertilized mammalian egg comes from the sperm; it provides evidence for the non-equivalence of male and female genomes during mammalian development

    12 acrosomal enzymes that will lyse the outer _ _g surface are found within the acrosomal vesicle

    14 indefinite article

    16 is, plural

    18 flirtatious

    20 ending indicating a gerund

    22 during _ _condensation, proteins holding sperm chromatin in an inactive state are exchanged for egg cytoplasm proteins

    23 in absentia, abbrev

    24 near, abbrev

    29 the receptor _p_ _tein kinase signal pathway is used to signal cell proliferation and differentiation

    30 iguanas, plural abbrev

    31 can swim using a flagella, be propelled by movements of the females reproductive tract or, in some species, may crawl

    34 the ___ granule contains energy stores

    35 cav_ _r (fish eggs)

    36 in the egg, the ___ membrane regulates ion flow and fuses with the sperm membrane

    38 year, Latin

    39 globular ___ is found within the acrosomal membrane; its polymerization will extend the acrosomal process

    40 a _a_ _lyst is an agent that stimulates a reaction, development or change

    41 month, abbrev

    46 _ _ _ti_ _ _ granules are vital to the secondary block to polyspermy

    47 the ___ crescent in the tunicate (Styella partita) egg marks the site of morphogenetic determinants for muscle development

    49 _ _ _ _ _ _ve: having a keen and discerning intellect; perceptive; an advantage to anyone studying development

    50 common internet abbreviation for "laugh out loud"

    53 directly from Latin word meaning girdle, as in the transparent layer that "girdles" the egg

    56 the egg nucleus, once it is haploid, is called the female pro_ucl_us

    58 a state between great lakes

    60 two sequential letters in the alphabet

    61 the word "acro_ _ _ _" is derived from Greek "soma", body

    63 production of IP-_ _ _ _e is the primary mechanism for releasing calcium ions during fertilization

    65 cytoplasmic m_ _ _ments are radical displacements of egg cytoplasmic materials initiated by fertilization

    68 _ _ _und; capable of reproducing; fertile, prolific

    71 the _ _rotein-linked receptor is in a signal transduction pathway that releases calcium ions

    72 _ct_vation of egg metabolism is independent of the nucleus