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a crossword puzzle study guide to Gilbert's Developmental Biology, 5th edition

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Professor of Biology
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Puzzle 5B

Blank puzzle 5B




    1 something cells do not do during cleavage

    5 abbreviation for a two-subunit phosphoprotein that induces progesterone and allows oocyte nuclei to resume their divisions and cleave

    8 layer, as in an animal ___ of cells in an urchin blastula

    11 the speed of cell divisions in early cleavage is relatively _ _ _id and cells divide more _ _ _idly than in any cancer; however, the speed of cleavage varies with the amount of yolk and it is most _ _ _id when yolk is sparse

    12 in i_ _lecithal eggs, the yolk that is present is evenly distributed

    13 in an ___ pregnancy, the embryo implants in the oviduct

    14 new cleavage furrows can be created experimentally by displacing these

    16 cleavage pa_ _erns are controlled by 1) the amount and distribution of yolk and 2) stored materials that influence the timing and position of furrows

    17 cavity

    18 ___ cells in fish embryos at the midblastula transition stage are undetermined cells that will give rise to the embryo proper

    20 in mammalian embryos, _ _ _ _herin is a cell adhesion molecule that is expressed evenly during the 2-cell stage, but it is restricted to cell-cell contact sites during compaction

    23 fodder

    25 cytosta_ _ _ factor is a protein produced during frog oocyte development which keeps the oocytes arrested in metaphase of the second meiotic division

    27 transcription initiation can be induced prematurely in frogs and flies by artificially making the cell cyle lo_g_r

    28 if you tie off (_____) cytoplasm during cleavage, you will accelerate the mitotic pattern in insect eggs

    29 the blasto_ _st is the blastocoel of the mammalian embryo

    30 the env_ _ _ _ing layer is the superficial, single-cell layer of blastoderm cells which will later form the periderm in cleaving fish embryos

    33 ro_ _tional cleavage is typical of mammals

    34 the _ _iblast is the upper layer of cells in a blastoderm formed during discoidal cleavage

    36 the ____ ring is composed of microfilaments made of actin that act as the mechanical agent of cytokinesis

    39 a poly_ _rm is a mass of undifferentiated cells formed in the holoblastically cleaving egg of a parasitic wasp

    41 stryp_ _n is a protease on the cell membrane that lyses a hole in the zona pellucida, allowing the mammalian embryo to squeeze out and hatch

    42 possessive, male

    43 po_ _ _mbryony is the ability of an egg to develop into a mass of cells that routinely forms numerous embryos

    45 all cells of the mouse ___ cell mass can give rise to all cell types of the embryo, but not to the trophoblast; they form an equivalence group

    48 three vowels, with one duplicate

    49 the animal or vegetal po_ _

    50 the brood pouch and mantle of the unionid clam Lampsilis ventricosa will look like a f_ _ _

    51 double letter

    52 in _ _ _erfici_l cleavage, the centrally located yolk permits cleavage only along the peripheral rim of the egg

    54 the _ _ _germinal cavity is the space between the blastoderm and yolk in discoidally cleaving embryos such as birds

    55 the s_ _ _ytial blastoderm, in eggs with superficial cleavage, is the stage when the nuclei have migrated to the periphery but are still contained within a common cytoplasm

    60 the blasto_ _ _ _ is the region of active cytoplasm at the animal pole of eggs that undergo _ _ _ _oidal cleavage, such as in birds

    62 k_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ is the mitotic division of the nucleus; it is separable from cytokinesis, the division of the cell

    68 source of sperm

    69 individuals with these two genetic cell types, both male and female, are probably natural chimeras

    70 in ___ cleavage, cell division is limited by the large yolk volume to a small disc of yolk-free cytoplasm atop a mound of yolk

    1 in an equivalence _ _ _up, the cells have equal potency

    2 _ _dial cleavage is typical of echinoderms

    3 the area ___ is the peripheral ring of blastoderm cells during discoidal cleavage, as in bird eggs

    4 the blasto_ _ _ _ in amphibian embryos is a cavity that will permit cell migration during gastrulation

    5 _ _ _ _meres are blastomeres formed in the anterior half during cleavage in the urchin embryo

    6 politically correct

    7 a flourescent dye can be injected into cells to trace their _a_ _ and lineage

    8 paper found in bathrooms, abbrev

    9 eye, eye

    10 an _ _ _o_ _ _ (tubal) pregnancy can caused lethal hemorrhage

    12 embryonic _ _ _m cells are inner cell mass cells isolated in culture under conditions that keep them dividing and undifferentiated

    15 dirt with grass

    18 a flourescent ___ can be injected into cells to trace their fate and lineage

    19 the veg_ _al pole is the yolk-rich pole of the egg, zygote and cleaving embryo

    20 nuclei and their associated cytoplasmic islands formed in the cellular blastoderm in eggs with superficial cleavage

    21 in eggs with superficial cleavage, the _ _ _lular blastoderm is the stage when the nuclei that have migrated to the periphery have become partitioned off by oocyte membrane

    22 _ _zygotic twins arise from two eggs

    23 the ___ enzyme is secreted by vegetal cells to digest the fertilization membrane in sea urchins

    24 c_vi_ _ _ _ _ _ is a hollowing out, as during blastula formation in the mammalian blastula

    26 the cell ___ becomes longer as cleavage progresses

    28 very roughly, the number of cells in an embryo after cleavage

    31 the zyg_ti_ genome does not function in most early cleavage embryos

    32 ___ cells are set aside early in insect cleavage, and will form the germ cells of the adult

    34 end in an F for mythical people

    35 the area ___ is the region that is only a single cell thick in the center of the blastoderm during discoidal cleavage, as in bird eggs

    37 dextral

    38 _ _ _lecithal eggs have little yolk

    40 in c_ _trollecithal eggs, yolk is concentrated in the center, as in most arthropods

    44 affirmative, slang

    46 grab, catch, snatch

    47 a chime_ _ _ embryo results from the aggregation of 2 or more early cleavage embryos to form a composite embryo

    52 first day of the week, without vowels

    53 letter code for the four large macromeres produced in early mollusc cleavage

    56 furry animal or a TV channel or an X-files star

    57 the _ _ _blastula transition is the period in cleavage characterized by a slowdown of nuclear division and a concomitant increase in RNA transcription

    58 affirmative

    59 _ _cr_meres are blastomeres formed at the vegetal pole during cleavage in the urchin embryo.

    61 add a T for sodium chloride

    62 add an E to cut wood

    63 prescription, abbrev

    64 why? why?

    65 mo_ozygot_c twins arise from a single egg

    66 southern state, abbrev

    67 yes, foreign