How to emphasize your message.

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    Professor of Biology

© Kathryn Tosney, Chair of Biology, The University of Miami
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1. Design for three audiences

Attract more than your direct competitors.

    Rabid competitors are not your main audience:
    Workers in your
    general area are your main audience
    Workers outside
    your area are a “bonus” audience

They do not require special efforts to attract.

They will come regardless of how well or how badly you present your work.

They are therefore not your main audience.

They can be attracted to an accessible presentation.

They will know your general area and can provide valuable suggestions.

They require that you supply context for your work.

They can be attracted by an accessible message.

They can provide valuable insights and links to distant fields.

They require you to explain the problem and the solution.

1. negative
1. positive

2. negative
2. positive

7. negative
7. positive

8. negative
8. positive


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3. negative
3. positive

4. negative
4. positive

9. negative
9. positive

10. negative
10. positive

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5. negative
5. positive

6. negative
6. positive

11. negative
11. positive

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