How to emphasize your message.

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10. Keep it simple.

Edit ruthlessly.

Simplify: Supply details in person, and only as needed

Endless details detract from the point; simple messages are more memorable.

Mock-up your poster first then ask which details you can dispense with, and dump them.
f you can omit it, omit it.

Edit all text to simplify verbiage, to reduce sentence complexity, and to delete details.

    Go beyond merely identifying the categories like “Results” in section headings: state the message instead.

    Forego the temptation to classify results by methods alone:
    a large heading that only states a method says that you care more about techniques than answers.


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examine positive series in order:
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or compare corresponding examples:

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1. negative
1. positive

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2. positive

7. negative
7. positive

8. negative
8. positive

3. negative
3. positive

4. negative
4. positive

9. negative
9. positive

10. negative
10. positive

5. negative
5. positive

6. negative
6. positive

11. negative
11. positive

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