How to emphasize your message.

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11.Use the graphics when you talk.

Focus on the evidence: the graphics.

Don’t read your poster:
use it as a visual aid

    Practice a 5-minute talk

When people ask you for a tour of your poster, use the graphic elements to explain your work.

First, face your audienceand tell them the context: identify the big problem, explain why the problem is important, and tell what you did to answer it, what the answer is, and what the answer means.

Then, as you talk, point to the graphic features that demonstrate your message. Glancing at the figure as you point to it will direct your viewers’ eyes to the figure.

Practice using your poster to give a 5-minute talk that gets your message across effectively and efficiently.

Also be able to give a quick, 2-minute synopsis of your work that effectively uses the graphic evidence.

Practice handling questions mid-stream until you can gracefully satisfy queries and return smoothly to your message.


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