How to emphasize your message.

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6. Emphasize visually.

Graphic elements should dominate.

    Think graphic

    Make graphics visually accessible

Use graphics, cartoons, and figures instead of text. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Use color to emphasize or to link words and images together.

Use bold lines and obvious pattern or color to distinguish figures.

Use graph and table formats that portray the data without reference to extensive keys.

Write explanations directly on the figures.

Use bold lines and obvious pattern or color differences on figures.

Minimize abbreviations and cross-references.


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examine positive series in order:
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or compare corresponding examples:

negative example, page 6
1. negative
1. positive

2. negative
2. positive

7. negative
7. positive

8. negative
8. positive

3. negative
3. positive

4. negative
4. positive

9. negative
9. positive

10. negative
10. positive

5. negative
5. positive

6. negative
6. positive

11. negative
11. positive

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