Pogona Picnic

The First Annual Midwestern Pogona Picnic at Ann Arbor
(Kathryn's house)

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Photos were taken by Georgia and Scott Lundgren

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Gwenny, Jen‘s “sherbert” color phase BD, who is neither orange nor gold, but a luscious mix of the two. Note the pale color and the wonderful, subtle colors down her back. The harness she is wearing was invented by Bill Mears; see his web site for instructions. The lap is Jen's.

Fratchet, Party-Dragon: Fratchet is in leper-phase: he is shedding AND he has just finished eating a plateful of red peppers, which left red traces on his lips. His beard is black, in response to the visiting “GURLS”; he is alert and eager for all possible opportunities.

Group photo, left to right,
front row: Rachael, Serena
second row: Tom with Kinkers, Jen with Gwenny, Kathryn, Georgia (peaking out), Nancy, Joyce with Little Guy
third row: Todd, Bill with Dulcie
top row: Erik, Scott

Group photo:

left to right: Kathryn, Nancy in front of Bill, Jen, Todd, Joyce

How many herp-objects can you identify in this photo?

Group photo:
left to right:
Joyce, Tom, Nancy, Kathryn holding Pudge, Jen, Erik in front of Bill, Todd

Group photo:
Kathryn, Pudge on a kneeling Bill with an unusual look of innocence on his face, Todd with his (wonderful) hair down.

The figures on the wall are described in the legend to the larger photo.

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