Fishermen, Western Province

This is a three-week course on island ecology, evolution and conservation offered through the Study Abroad program at the University of Miami. Through lectures, field observations and experiments, students will learn the basic principles of island ecology, evolution and conservation. In addition, students will participate in community outreach programs (i.e., grass roots conservation) and on-site field research.
SI Field Course 2013 at Tenaru Falls, Guadalcanal Island (from left to right): Daniel Franco, Christine DeSilva, Joey "Sepo" Cimaglia, Floria Mora-Kepfer Uy, Brian Coffman, Nicole Swanson, Jason Sardell and Al Uy
SI Field Course 2015 at Frigatebird Island/Nafinua Research Station, Makira (from left to right): Kelvin Chen, Raymond "Ray Ray" Audett, Gilbert "Gilli" Serrein, Pat Aresty, Jeff Aresty, Lauren Epple, Suvetha Ravichandran, Sterling Jeffries, Phallon Joyce-Tullis, Floria Mora-Kepfer Uy and Al Uy (photo by Jeff Aresty)
The women of Santa Catalina dress Nicole (front) and Christine (back, with the grin) in traditional banana suits during the spear-fighting festival in Santa Catalina Island to celebrate the New Year and pana harvest.
Pat, Al, Lauren and Sterling attempt to identify scores of shore birds at Namare Wetlands, Makira Island.
Nicole, Al and Daniel survey Nasuragina River for invertebrates as an indicator of levels of pollution.
Ray Ray, Flo, Kelvin, Suvetha, Lauren and the rest of the class travel by boat to Frigatebird Island. "The Miami" is manned by John Murray, one of our local counterparts in Makira Island.
Floria with Christine, Nicole, Sepo and Daniel conducting a survey of butterflies on Frigatebird Island.
Sterling and Elvis Pepere, one of our local counterparts, observe weaver ants on a beetelnut tree.
Ray Ray attempts to keep dry while crossing a tributary of the Nasuragina River, Makira Island.
Students go for a dip underneath Tenaru Falls, Guadalcanal Island.
Gilli, Phallon and Lauren try their skills in paddling a locally-built canoe.
Suvetha spending time with the girls of Star Harbor.
Frigatebird Island, home of the Nafinua Research Station and Ecolodge, which functions as our home base for the field course. Makira Island, Makira Province.