The Swingle Plant Anatomy Reference Collection

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The Whitlock lab at the University of Miami is proud to be the home of the Swingle Plant Anatomy Reference Collection.  This collection consists of thousands of carefully prepared microscopic slides prepared by Walter Tennyson Swingle and his assistants, showing sections of leaves, stems and flower buds. Most of the slides are of citrus or citrus relatives in the family Rutaceae, although a wide variety of flowering plant species are also represented. Much of the material is from plants cultivated in the Miami area, including at the University of Miami, the Kampong, and Chapman Field of U.S.D.A.  Other specimens were collected from the wild early in the 20th century from far-off places such as the Congo, the Philippines, New Caledonia, and China.

In 2008, the University of Miami Libraries awarded a Digital Library Fellowship to Dr. Whitlock to digitize the Swingle Collection. A team of undergraduates first transcribed the original typed catalog into a searchable excel file that can be downloaded. They then captured high-quality digital images of selected plant sections, now available online. Serial sections of some structures of interest were transformed into animations to illustrate their three dimensionality.

To view these images, as well as to read biographical information on Swingle, please visit the Swingle Plant Anatomy Reference Collection. Anyone interested in learning more about this valuable resource should contact Barbara Whitlock.



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Swinglea glutinosa, the Kampong