The Whitlock lab
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The Whitlock lab is accepting new graduate students who are interested in studying plant evolution and systematics. In addition to UM, Miami is home to many outstanding botanical institutions, including the Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden (which houses the UM Buswell Herbarium), the Montgomery Botanical Center, the Kampong, and the USDA Subtropical Research Station. Miami is also America's gateway to the Caribbean and Latin America, providing unparalleled opportunities for field research. All graduate students admitted to the Ph.D. program are guaranteed stipend support. In addition, the Biology Department has several competitive fellowships, including the new Lisa D. Anness Graduate Fellowship in Tropical Plant Biology (pdf). Please see the Biology Department webpage on graduate studies for information on fellowships and how to apply.


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Swingle Collection
UM Biology

Barbara Whitlock email



Paul Groff

with Gentianopsis simplex



Anuradha Gunathilake

Graduate student and Aldridge Curator

Gordonia (Polyspora) in Sri Lanka, webpage



Wyatt Sharber

Graduate student and Anness Fellow

Ayenia and Caribbean biogeography


Shuang Xu

First year graduate student rotation

DNA barcoding


Rebecca Meiser


DNA barcoding


Andre Naranjo




Some past lab members



Katherine Toll

Undergrad, now in graduate school at Duke University

Swinglea and Micromelum (Rutaceae)



Rebekah Outman

Masters student

Fern ecology and mycorrhizae


Rajiv McCoy

Undergraduate, now in graduate school at Stanford University




Derek Plavin




Ernesto Perez and Juan Montoya

Undergraduates, now in dental and med school


Amanda Hale

Postdoctoral researcher

Currently Assistant Professor at Texas Christian University



Jane Indorf

Graduate research assistant, currently a postdoc at UM



Mahera Anjum

Undergraduate, with Ayenia euphrasifolia


Justin Greer

Undergraduate researcher, now in graduate school at Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (UM)


Neil Singh



Nathalie Guillaume



Stephanie Berg